A special family business

Our employees know-how and commitment are the key to the success of our company. We have flat hierarchies and by means of further training and continuing education, we offer our employees many opportunities for advancement. You as a client may profit from this as well as from the close collaboration with our suppliers and transport companies. Thanks to the teamwork in our “Gröning family“, we are able to grant optimal production processes and workflows.

Training professions

We are a well-established company in the branch of plastic packaging and we train people in different training professions. More ...


Employees and long-standing partners

And there is another thing having a long tradition. For more than 145 years, we feel bound to our site in Rheine-Mesum. With about 160 employees, we belong to the group of the largest employers in our region and we are deliberately focusing on an intensive youth development. The proportion of apprentices is more than 10 percent; many apprentices continue their professional career with us. As a matter of fact, employments stretching over decades are not an exception in our “Gröning family“, but the rule.

Job offers

As family company, we are closely related with the region since 1871 and, moreover, we have established ourselves internationally. More ...