Sustainability plays a huge role in today's world, so Gröning has developed the G-FilmGreen product line. It combines different aspects of sustainability. For this purpose, attention is paid to the processing of raw materials and recyclates from and with sustainable origin.

The films of the G-FilmGreen product line can be processed on various common packaging machines.


Further characteristics:

  • Transparent, opaque colored
  • Application-related puncture and tear resistance
  • Good weldability
  • Printable with up to 10 colors


  • PE-LD, COEX, also available as laminated films

Delivery format

  • Widths up to 2500mm
  • Material thickness up to 200μm

We will be pleased to inform you about other formats, formulations and film thicknesses on request.

We will be pleased to assist you

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