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Experts in polyethylene films and glass fibre fabrics

Polyethylene films for industrial packaging solutions and a broad range of other applications are our specialty. From Extrusion to Printing and subsequent converting. Our products represent state-of-the-art technology. They are highly functional, perfectly customized and ecologically compatible to the greatest extent possible.

As a competent partner for packaging material for food packaging applications, we also see ourselves responsible to take any measures in order to avoid contamination or impairment of sensible products coming into contact with our films. In order to meet this responsibility and to justify our customers confidence in our products, our plastic film production is subject to a hygiene management system per DIN EN 15593.

Offering a broad spectrum of film dimensions, thicknesses and product sizes, Gröning can serve almost the entire range of packaging applications and needs.

Having its origin in the textile industry, Gröning's product line also includes the manufacture and supply of Glass Fibre Fabrics serving as armouring and reinforcement materials for the most diverse applications and uses. All of our operational processes – from R&D and production to world-wide distribution of our products – are subject to consistent quality management per DIN EN ISO 9001.

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