Company Policy — Corporate philosophy

As a tradition — conscious family business run in the fifth generation, we keep on reinventing and redeveloping in order to stay up to date in the age of digitalisation and automatization.
What in the year 1871 started with the production of jute and linen has been continuously developed for our customers with new materials. Today, as a leading film producer of industrial packaging solutions, we have made a name for ourselves in the international market and we offer our customers and partners complex solutions for their value-added chain — individually, innovatively and sustainably.
On this basis, we have developed quality and energy guidelines the consequent realizations of which were honoured by certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 50001.
In 2020 the BRC Global Standard certification have been added, which is important in the field of our film production for the food processing industry.
Additionally, we conduct our business in accordance with the code of conduct of the general association of the plastic processing industry (Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie (GKV)) and we adhere to the ethic and social principles fixed here for fair competition as well as good and free of prejudice working conditions. Our company policy pursues long- term goals. For us, long — term means to permanently adapt to the changing market conditions and clients' requirements. Only this way we will also be able to act in a customer — oriented way in future, and, in doing so, ensure the economic success as well as the preservations of jobs.

As flexible as we may work — one thing always stays the same: the permanent quality of our products. All operational processes — started from the development to the worldwide sales of goods — are certified according to the quality management systems DIN EN ISO 9001. This also implies a commitment to a continuous improvement of our processes as well as adhering to corresponding legal provision. With this knowledge and by acting with foresight we make sure that we fulfil the requirements placed on us. Moreover, our customers of the food and hygiene sectors may rely upon the fact that our films are produced in accordance with the certified hygiene management for food packaging according to DIN EN 15593.
In addition, in 2020 we obtained certification according to the internationally recognised BRC Global Standard for packaging materials for the food industry. We have thus further expanded our existing quality management system. This new step is a further milestone in our future-oriented company philosophy, especially in the area of the food processing industry.

We consider us as reliable partner on our customers, suppliers and partners' sides. In order to be able to supply even in case of short-term or special requirements, we match our production processes with those of our customers. Due to this, as well as due to the close corporations with suppliers and partners, such as machine builders and providers, we are able to grant optimal production processes and workflows.

Our employees know-how and commitment are the key to the success of our company. As a matter of fact, we have flat hierarchies and foster respectful interaction with each other. This success is mainly dependent on the qualification of our employees. By means of continuous measures for further training and education we enable them to complete their tasks independently and with a high grade of diligence and quality.

With around 150 employees we count ourselves among the group of the mayor employers of the region and we consciously focus on intensive youth development. Our training quota is more than 10 percent; many apprentices continue their professional career with us. Periods of employment for decades on our “Gröning family“ are absolutely no exception but the rule.