148 Years Progress by Innovation
A Company on the Move

Our family enterprise is located and has its origin in the midst of the Münsterland area, and this is also where its successful evolution from jute and linen manufacturer to a producer of modern materials took place.

Started in 1871 with the manufacture of textiles, market development led to the company's current product line consisting of plastic films and fibre glass fabrics. Today, Gröning counts among the industry approved specialists in both business areas. We owe this reputation to the successful synthesis of tradition and innovation and, not less important, to the confidence our customers and suppliers have always placed in us.

The competence derived from our 140-year tradition in the industry is our strength. It is from this strength that we draw the advantage of a well balanced mixture of consistency and courage to present the market with innovations and in this way strengthen and extend our market position.

Our employees' commitment and dedication to the company and the region is the basis for our success. They excel with a high level of professionalism, qualification, competence and flexibility.