148 Years Progress by Innovation
Long-year experience in modern production technology

With more than 30 extruders, 3 flexographic printing presses and various converting machines, Gröning has at its disposal a broad spectrum of equipment for the production and surface finishing of in excess of 20,000 tons of LD and HD polyethylene per year.

Equipped with 33 looms and 4 fabric finishing machines, we are in a position to meet the demands for the most diverse cloth types.


High performance extrusion equipment guarantees reliable superb quality film production. Precision wound film reels, typical of Gröning film production, ensure trouble-free subsequent conversion.
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Flexographic Printing

Thanks to the use of the latest flexo technology, demanding artwork and print designs are produced in perfect quality meeting the most diverse requirements of our customers for printed products. More ...

Fibre Glass Production

Having our origin in the textile industry, we today specialize in fibre glass fabrics. More ...

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