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Polyethylene Films

Films made from polyethylene are to be found in all areas of everyday life and we can hardly imagine to get along without them. Technical films are indispensable as a protection in many applications and, in addition, offer a number of other useful functions. Packaging films are more versatile and efficient than any other product could be. They perfectly meet the demands on modern packaging.

Offering a broad spectrum of film dimensions, thicknesses and product sizes, Gröning can serve almost the entire range of packaging applications and needs.

Among the specialties offered by our product portfolio are barrier films as well as protection films. Standardized test methods and constant supervision of the raw materials used in our manufacturing processes as well as the tightest possible width and thickness tolerances and perfect quality film rolls are the outstanding features of our polyethylene film. Gröning uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment from renowned engineering companies to produce the high quality films.

In addition to film production, Gröning offers downstream processes such as 10-colour flexo printing and/or conversion of the film into bags, sacks or film blanks that can be supplied in loose form or on rolls.

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