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Glass Fibre Fabrics

The physical and chemical properties of textile glass materials such as light weight, high strength, dimensional stability as well as uninflammability, weather proofness, and chemical resistance become apparent in their use as armouring and reinforcement material for a broad spectrum of technical applications.


Under the trade name of ARMITEX ®, Gröning manufactures glass mesh fabrics for use in the construction industry as reinforcement material for all types of indoor and outdoor plaster as well as thermal insulation composite systems not only for new buildings, but also for the refurbishment of old buildings. Special ultra-strong reinforcement cloth completes the product line.

Depending upon application, Armitex® fabrics of varying weight are available. A broad range of variation possibilities is given with regard to the spacing as well as thickness of the longitudinal and transverse threads (warp and weft).

ARMITEX®  Quality Weight gsm Mesh width mm Tensile strength warp / weft
in N/5 cm
Alkaline Resistance
Plaster fabric,indoor 2020140 70 5x5 910 / 960  
Universal fabric 1515220 110 6x6 1500 / 1600  
Plaster fabric,outdoor 0809220 110 12x10 1750 / 1275  
0809260 130 12x10 1750 / 1900  
ETICS fabrics
2417300 150 4x5 2100 / 1800 Residual tear strength per ETAG
004 > 50%
2424330 165 4x4 2100 / 2100
1211380 200 8x8 2100 / 2600
1515400 200 6x7 2400 / 2200
1515420 210 6x6 2400 / 2800
Armouring cloth 3012740 370   5000 / 4000  
30121060 530   5000 / 9000  

The values specified in the table are based on our best knowledge and experience and do not imply guaranteed properties.

Gröning experts will be happy to work with you in order to specify the perfect cloth type for your specific needs and requirements.


DIBATEX ® - products are employed in the construction industry and consist of closed fabrics used as base material for bitumen roofing applications (damp-proof and welding sheeting). In conjunction with bitumen, a high strength and most durable product results, which is used primarily for the construction and sealing of all types of roofing.

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