148 Years Progress by Innovation
Product Portfolio

Started in 1871 with the manufacture of textiles, Gröning now produces plastic films and fibre glass fabrics. Today, the company is renowned as a specialist in both business sectors.

Polyethylene Films

Films made from polyethylene are to be found in all areas of everyday life and we can hardly imagine to get along without them. Technical films are indispensable as a protection in many applications and, in addition, offer a number of other useful functions. Packaging films are more versatile and efficient than any other product could be. They perfectly meet the demands on modern packaging. More ...

Fibre Glass Fabric

The physical and chemical properties of textile glass materials such as light weight, high strength, dimensional stability as well as uninflammability, weather proofness, and chemical resistance become apparent in their use as armouring and reinforcement material for a broad spectrum of technical applications, such as for thermal insulation composite systems. More ...

Polyethylenfolien Glasfasergewebe